Is there room for IT on the road towards a data-driven organisation?
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Is there room for IT on the road towards a data-driven organisation?

The IT department rose to its fame when information technology and the Internet started being widely used in the organisation back in the 1980s. The rise of the internet created many new business opportunities and laid out a new economic narrative enabling companies to be more connected than ever before, contributing to the globalisation we are still leaving in.

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Business Data Governance

Why having a good data governance policy matters

When it comes to data governance policy, companies are aware they need one, but few of them know where to start. A lot of them are at a crossroads when it comes to creating a policy that works for their organisation. But the first instinct of reaching to a standard policy wouldn’t work because it won’t meet your corporate strategy.

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Does your company really need a CDO?

With the explosion of data and the value it brings for companies, hiring a Chief Data Officer (CDO) has been on the agenda of the majority of companies. Companies are in a literal race trying to find Chief Data Officers. It’s only natural that executives are enthusiastic about welcoming a CDO in this big data era.

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