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Where are we with AI and ML so far: A Silicon Valley perspective

As Silicon Valley is the main cradle of the largest high-tech corporation, including Apple, it’s only fitting to have a Silicon Valley perspective on where we stand with digitalisation and emerging technologies like AI, machine learning and deep learning. Bhairav Mehta, Data Science Manager Apple gave a comprehensive overview of the latest developments and trends, but also covered important historical breakthroughs that lead to the current state of AI and ML.

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Jorge Davila­ Chacon

Data and AI Innovators – Jorge Davila­ Chacon

Jorge Davila­ Chacon discussed the RL application for debt collection at Data Innovation Summit 2017. But a time-lapse of almost 3 years is a lifetime in the machine learning world. This was the reason we invited Jorge to talk about recent developments in AI and ML, and particularly in reinforcement learning, not only from a technical side, but also from a social aspect of the adoption of these technologies.

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Problems AI can solve in banking
Artificial Intelligence Business

Problems AI can solve in banking

The banking industry has been quite resistant to change ever since its beginnings. But financial services are not immune to the biggest technological revolution the word has attested caused by AI. Apart from being under pressure to adapt to the digital economy, banks have started to discover some really valuable AI use cases.

This is how Expedia manages to get the most out of analytics and data science
Advance Analytics Business Data Science

This is how Expedia Partner Solutions gets the most out of analytics and data science

Everyone agrees that there is value in data science and advanced analytics. But still, companies are struggling to see that value in their business. Francisca Zanoguera from Expedia at her presentation at the Data Innovation Summit 2019, draws attention to a McKinsey study showing that only 8% of companies have managed to implement machine learning into their processes and only 12% have managed to go beyond the experimentation phase.

What we can learn from Aldo’s battle-tested data governance story
Business Data Governance

What we can learn from Aldo’s battle-tested data governance story

As early as 2006, Gartner predicted that 90% of organisations would fail in the efforts to implement data governance. And today, these predictions have become reality. According to David Dadoun, Senior Director Business Intelligence and Data Governance at Aldo Group, only 10% of organisations that have deployed data governance are going to get any value from it. This leads us to ask: why is that?

Business Data Governance Data Management

Does your company really need a CDO?

With the explosion of data and the value it brings for companies, hiring a Chief Data Officer (CDO) has been on the agenda of the majority of companies. Companies are in a literal race trying to find Chief Data Officers. It’s only natural that executives are enthusiastic about welcoming a CDO in this big data era.


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