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Data security fundamentals: To protect your data, you need to understand it

In the data-driven era, data protection and data security are crucial for companies. However, they can’t protect their data, if they don’t understand it first. We had a chat with Derek Coetzee, CTO at Getvisibility, about how QBS Laknova along with Getvisibility help businesses get to know their data, by discovering, classifying and protecting it, before their attendance at the Data Innovation Summit […]

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The Nordic PropTech industry and demand for smart buildings

The IoT piece in the growing Nordic PropTech puzzle

The promising Nordic PropTech scene has been on the rise for several years and has attracted the watchful eye of industry experts. Assiduous PropTech companies are busy with creating smart solutions ready to answer the market demand for smart homes and smart buildings.

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Peter Jönsson
Advance Analytics BI Business

Data and AI Innovators – Peter Jönsson

Peter Jönsson, a Solutions Architect at Tableau Software and two-times Data Innovation Summit speaker, shares his views on the most notable breakthroughs with data analytics, as well as the current challenges decision-makers are dealing with, and his predictions for data analytics.

MDM platform xDM
Business Data Management

MDM tools and platform for modern data management needs

Richard Branch, the VP and General Manager at Semarchy, is going to deliver a presentation at the Data Management Stage at the 5th edition of the Data Innovation Summit 2020 where he will touch upon several MDM points such as why it’s important, traditional vs. modern MDM tools, and the evolving data management needs that call for an innovative and comprehensive MDM platform.


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