Jorge Davila­ Chacon

Data and AI Innovators – Jorge Davila­ Chacon

Jorge Davila­ Chacon discussed the RL application for debt collection at Data Innovation Summit 2017. But a time-lapse of almost 3 years is a lifetime in the machine learning world. This was the reason we invited Jorge to talk about recent developments in AI and ML, and particularly in reinforcement learning, not only from a technical side, but also from a social aspect of the adoption of these technologies.

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Gesture recognition

ML codes can open iron doors: Gesture recognition

Electronic access cards are nothing new – last century news. But what if you could open a door just by making a wrist with your phone. A group of very smart guys sat down and decided to find a way to take the experience of opening a door to the next level – and the perfect solution was to turn the phone into a key relying on gesture recognition.

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Dacil Ullman
Advance Analytics Business

The struggle of bridging the IT and business gap: Dacil Ullman, NWD Summit Chairwoman

The IT and business gap is a continuous topic of discussion. A lot of speakers at our summits have taken time to share their experience and solutions for narrowing this gap that many times looks like an abyss. This time, we give attention to Dacil Ullman, Group Data Analytics Manager at Interm, and Chairwomen at Nordic Women and Data Summit 2019. She presented on the constant struggle to bridge the gap between business and IT, and the Chief Analytics Officer who has the difficult role to execute it, at the Nordic Women and Data Summit 2018.

Artificial Intelligence Business Machine Learning

Newspapers need recommendation systems: The Telegraph Case Study

We might not be aware of it, but recommendation systems influence everything we read, watch and buy online. Every website has a recommendation system built in the background whether it’s to suggest an item based on what we have bought previously, suggest the next song to play, all the way to suggested jobs based on our qualifications on LinkedIn, or even dating websites matching us with potential partners.

How Aldo reinvented its business processes relying on data
Business Data Science

Putting customers first with customer-centric data science

In today’s digitalisation-powered and data-driven, speed-of-light changing world, customers have become more demanding than ever. And companies are looking for solutions to place customers in the centre of their business and know them like the back of their hand. This is where customer-centric data science finds its place – as a strategy for improving, personalising customer experiences with data science and considering business from a point of view of individual customers.

Business Data Governance Data Management Data Science

How much data fragmentation costs the airline industry

The airline industry is one that depends on data to function. Data is transforming all step of airlines operations pre- and post-flight, starting from ticket purchase, ground transportation, flight schedules, delays etc. All industries working with data have their own specifics and frequently encounter data fragmentation, especially complex multi-department organisations. But the nature of the airline industry is even more complicated, and consequently, data fragmentation is more pronounced.

data governance policy
Business Data Governance

Why having a good data governance policy matters

When it comes to data governance policy, companies are aware they need one, but few of them know where to start. A lot of them are at a crossroads when it comes to creating a policy that works for their organisation. But the first instinct of reaching to a standard policy wouldn’t work because it won’t meet your corporate strategy.


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