The highlights of the first Data Innovation Summit Conference day: LEGO, Uber, Facebook, Google, Netflix, eBay, Coca Cola and more

It has been an awesome day for everyone that attended the first presentation day of the Online Data Innovation Summit would agree. We had a super immersive and one-of-a-kind experience listening to some of the biggest names in the industry share their data and analytics stories.

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Harnessing the computing power of GPUs to accelerate analytics

Todd Mostak is the CEO and Co-Founder of OmniSci, our Data Innovation Summit 2020 partner and the pioneer in accelerated analytics, redefining speed and scale in big data querying and visualization. Todd talked to us about how the idea of a GPUs-accelerated analytics platform originated during his graduate research at Harvard on the role of social media in the Arab Spring.

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Revolutionary automotive companies at DIS: Volkswagen, Volvo, Scania, GM, F1

Revolutionary automotive companies at DIS 2020: Volkswagen, Volvo, Scania, GM, F1

Our cars are not just transportation means. The cars and trucks in the digital era are real data platforms producing and collecting huge amounts of raw data that leading automotive manufacturers and car racing brands analyse to improve vehicle performance and provide next-level driving experience. The automotive industry has always led the way in innovation. With the advent of data and analytics, […]

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Data Innovation Summit 2019

The Data Innovation Summit: 5 years of data and analytics journey (2019)

The star-studded edition In 2019, the simple idea that we had conceived in 2015, became a reality — the Data Innovation Summit grew to become “the largest and the most influential data event in the Nordics and beyond”. The Data Innovation Summit 2019 hosted the record number of 1800 delegates coming from the Nordic countries, but also people from other countries from […]

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What is the best strategy to put effective KPIs in place?
Business HR & People Analytics

What is the best strategy to put effective KPIs in place?

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) are probably one the most ever used and less understood in term of the business and analytics. They are a business metric used to evaluate factors that are crucial to the success of an organization and differs from company to company and department to department. It is one of the most important company’s strategic decisions which involve a series of interviews with stakeholders and acting as a strong strategic decision for each company.


Scalable Big Data Modeling
Data Engineering Tech

Scalable Big Data Modeling: How to model data to achieve scalability

Big data analytics gives businesses a competitive advantage. It opened the door to unexplored opportunities for companies to collect and analyse data from numerous sources, and in turn create product offerings around the precious insight they get, reduce cost or find innovative ways of working.

Jayesh Patel, Sr. Data Engineer at Rockstar Games, will talk about Scalable Big Data Modeling in his presentation at the Data Innovation Summit in August.